About Me


I’m Julie, a stay at home mom to Sofia (4.5) and Hugo (2), and married to Matt, an incredibly smart, goofy and adorable guy. We all live in Atlanta, GA, with our two fish, Chompers and Nemo, whom I desperately try to keep alive.

In my prior life, I worked my way through college while studying finance. I then became an auditor (which I sort of fell into), and, a few terrible jobs later, became a consultant for a Big 4 consulting firm. After Sofia, my firstborn, stole my heart during maternity leave, I decided to embrace the daunting task of 24/7 motherhood and running a household.

Switching identities so drastically was… interesting.

Life after shifting gears has been a tough journey for me, and I’m reaching deep into my roots to redefine who I am. I’m no longer a consultant, but I feel I’m not just a SAHM either (sorry if you have to look that up. I had to look up a LOT of acronyms after becoming one. You’re welcome).

Art, music, crafting, writing, and cooking — interested me most as a child, but it wasn’t encouraged by my traditional Korean parents, who felt careers outside of law and medicine were unfathomable. We didn’t come to this country to suffer with five children so you could write!

So now, I’m exploring.

Motherhood so far has been painful, terrifying, chaotic, humbling, but also incredibly rewarding. Despite the long days/weeks/ months (they all really do run together), keeping our little family of 4 as healthy and happy as I can has become my #1 passion (and, at times, my #1 pain).

My family immigrated to the States from South Korea when I was just 3, and although I’ve immersed myself in American culture, and often identify as American first, I keep my Korean culture alive in other ways – mainly through food – which is my second passion.

Much of my happy memories from childhood are associated with delicious food, and for me, one of the big joys of being a mother is to keep this love of food alive in our home. It’s amazing to see Korean food happily enjoyed by my American hubby as well as both of my young children!

Although I haven’t gotten around to teaching Sofia and Hugo as much Korean as I should, they both know a few words (mainly food, natch!) and we read books and sing my childhood songs together often. When Sofia was very tiny, she used to call me umma, the Korean equivalent of “mommy”, but she also calls me mama, which is what both kids (and sometimes my hubby – cringe) calls me.

So I am both: a Korean umma AND an American (Southern, at that) mama. Umma+mama. Ummamama.

This blog is my outlet to share my experiences with you, through my exploration of all things parenting, crafting, writing, cooking, and traveling — all while navigating through the world as best I can as an umma and mama. Hopefully, without messing things up too much and trying my damnedest to enjoy the ride.

I hope you enjoy!

– Julie, xo

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